How to Draw a Crab on the Beach with Artsy Rose

Let’s draw a fun crab step by step. We can put him in the sand with some sea shells or make up your own background! You could even color your crab colorful if you would like! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


You deserve time for you to relax and unwind! Escape our very unkind reality right now and use this as a teachable time with the ones you love to talk about how KINDNESS really does matter! Have fun.

Make a Customized/Personalized Troll with Artsy Rose

Trolls have been around since I was a kid! I had them in all sizes and types. Today, this video will teach you how to draw one step-by-step. Then you will be encouraged to add all your own details to personalize it!

How to Draw a Lion using Oil Pastels with Artsy Rose

This project really comes to life when you start cutting and curling the lion’s mane. He/she will just need a name. Then think of all the fun stories you could make up about you lion while making it.

“I Draw, You Draw” T-Rex Tutorial with Artsy Rose

Gotta keep those Dino lovers happy! This is a step-by-step Video teaching you how to draw a T-Rex and one technique for coloring it in.

Let’s Make an Easy Origami Bunny with Artsy Rose

Keep those pages turning after you make this fun Bunny Bookmark out of simple supplies you already have at home. Enjoy this simple step-by-step video tutorial on how to make it. 

How to Make a Crafty Cuddle Bunny with Artsy Rose

These little stuffed bunnies will make the best decorations and gifts for others. It’s hard to believe they are made out of socks, rice, google eyes, ribbon and rubber bands. They are quick and easy. 

Let’s Use Oil Pastels to Draw a Giraffe

I love Giraffes! They are may favorite animal. In this video we will do an “I Draw, You Draw” together to make the giraffe. You will be prompted to add all of your own special details. 

How to Make an Origami FROG Bookmark

Here is a fun project to keep you kiddos turning pages in the book just to be able to put this super cute bookmark on a new page corner. This is a fun and easy origami project you will be able to do with them!

How to Draw a Chameleon and Watercolor Paint with Artsy Rose

This is a great “I Draw, You Draw” Art project to do with your kids. It incorporates different art mediums and techniques into one very satisfying art project. Your kiddos will love love love their finished project. 

Welcome to Artsy Rose

Painting, Drawing, Sculpting, Acrylics, Watercolors, Clay, Print Making, Culinary Arts, Oil Pastels, Recycled Projects, Costume Making, Illustrations, Story Telling, Arts & Crafts and so much more!

Book a Birthday Party with Artsy Rose

Create a special art project. Enjoy a “Shimmers” Snow Cone. Make memories to last a lifetime. Birthday child receives a special gift.

Organize Your Fundraisers

Make your next fundraiser a success and a fun for people. Artsyrose can help you organize your next Fundraiser in a totally different style.

COVID-19 Notice

We are 100% OPEN for birthday parties, art camps, classes and more as we continue to follow Federal and State guidelines from the CDC and have created some of our own rules to create a safe but still fun environment. These changes & guidelines must be followed by anyone/everyone who comes to our studio until notified otherwise effective June 1st, 2020 and will remain in place until further notice. Please bring a mask if you can or we will be happy to provide one.


Artsy Fun for Everyone


Artsy Rose Academy

Artsy Rose is locally owned and operated by Kimberly Scott and her husband. They both have lived in Oklahoma their entire lives and care deeply about the communities in this great state. Kimberly and the Artsy Rose Teachers strive to help everyone- young and old- celebrate their creativity, originality and imagination through the wonderful world of art. We provide “Artsy Fun for Everyone” by offering painting classes for all ages, craft classes, themed parties, social painting events, and art lessons (including watercolor, acrylic, and tempera painting, oil pastels, drawing, collage, jewelry, sewing… and so much more) for all ages.
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What We Offer

Art isn’t just pencil on paper. We offer many different outlets to be creative.

Art Classes

These are our Youth Art Classes for preschool age children up to teenagers. Kids can create many different projects using various mediums.

Art Camps

We have art camps in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Art Camps are for children ages 5 & up.

Sips & Swirls

Sips & Swirls social painting classes are designed to provide adults with a fun night out.

Birthday Parties

We offer birthday parties for kids AND birthday parties for adults. Artsy Rose will travel to your location or you can party at ours.


FUNdraisers are what we call “Creativity for a Cause.” This is a perfect opportunity for your organization, team, family or a “special cause” dear to your heart to raise money & have a good time.

Private Parties

Artsy Rose Private Painting Parties are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your own group of friends, family, co-workers or teammates. Your location or at ours.

Krafty Kids Night

Three to Four art projects in every Krafy Kids Night. This class is designed to be a night out for the kids, and the bonus is, you get a night for yourself.

Homeschool Classes

Artsy Rose Academy Homeschool classes are all about learning how to use different mediums and techniques for all school-aged children.


The Artsy Rose Calendar shows you a list of our upcoming art classes, art camps, painting classes, homeschool classes, Sips & Swirls classes, and birthday parties on the schedule.

Artsyrose Gallery

We love seeing smiles and confidence from both kids and adults after they complete an art project. Creativity is inside all of us and it’s our goal to help everyone find a way to unleash their unique style!

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