Art Camps & Classes Safety Guidelines & Policies

There is no higher priority than the safety of our Artsy Rose students and teachers. To effectively maintain a safe environment for everyone, camp & class policies and procedures have been modified to allow creativity to continue safely all year round. We will spend time outside during camps as well.

We purchased TWO GermGuardian – 338 Sq. Ft Console Air Purifier for the Studio

Safety Guidelines & Policies

Below you can click each icon to see the bullet points for our Art Camps/Classes safety guidelines.

Super Cleaning All Day

Surfaces and supplies will be cleaned and sanitized with FDA approved sanitizer at regular intervals throughout the day.


Parents and siblings CANNOT wait in the common areas of the building while students are in class/camp unless prior arrangement is made with Artsy Rose staff. *See more about our drop off and pick up procedures down below on this page.

Masks Not Required

The only time we require face masks as of 2023, is when a camp or class is completely sold out. Our teachers are allowed to make their own decision as well UNLESS the event is completely sold out. If this happens we provide everything needed. We reserve the right to change our policy at any given time. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.

Refund Policy

We require all visitors to checkmark they agree to these terms during the registration/ signup process: We will not be issuing refunds- but we can issue credits or offer products ( art kits) in exchange for a class or camp. However, no call or no show do not receive a credit. Credits can be used for up to 6 months after the original class/camp date. No refunds or credits shall be issued once a class begins. If a class is canceled due to weather or unforeseen natural disasters or any type of emergency out of our control, no make-up class or refund will be offered. We will not give any refunds if a class, camp or birthday party is cancelled for reasons out of our control. However, we will issue class credits that can be used for up to 6 months. All Artsy Rose classes are based on a minimum of 7 students. Should the class not reach the minimum of 7 students, Artsy Rose reserves the right to cancel the class and all students will receive a full credit. If a birthday party is cancelled, we do offer for the party to be rescheduled within 30 days otherwise the deposit is lost. We reserve the right to change these policies at any time.

Please take precautions before coming to the studio

If your child is running a fever or feeling ill, please keep them home.


DROP OFF & PICK-UP for Camps

Drop Off: 

  • Pull up to the front doors and remain in your car. Artsy Rose staff will be in front of the building for camp check in and out.
  • Parents will be asked to drop students off with an instructor at the front doors at the start of camp.
  • For our weekly camps, Drop off begins at 9:00 a.m. and pick-up is at 12:00 p.m. for the morning camps. Then, for the afternoon camps, drop off begins at 1:00 p.m. and pick-up is at 4:00 p.m. depending on the camp – please allow a few extra minutes (especially the first day). Before & Aftercare available see Rosie’s Round-up for early & late drop-off times.
  • For our ONE Day or Fun Day Camps that last all day, drop off begins at 9:00 a.m. & pick-up is at 4:00 p.m. Before & Aftercare available see Rosie’s Round-up for early & late drop-off times.
  • Parents will be given a sign with their child’s name to display for drop-off and pick-up during the week for weekly camps.
  • If staying all day, we strongly encourage students to bring completely disposable lunches each day to reduce the potential spread of germs.
  • Campers will wash/sanitize hands before and after snacks/lunch.
  • During breaks and lunch, the art room and supplies will be disinfected with FDA approved cleaning supplies.


  • Campers will remain in the classroom until their pick-up vehicle arrives.
  • Please display the child’s paper sign in the front windshield for pick-up
  • Remain in your vehicle while waiting.

*If you need to check a child out early, please call first, 405-603-8550. We will bring them to your car when you arrive.


DROP OFF & PICK UP for Classes

For normal classes, that are not labeled “Camp or Fun Day” then the drop off and pick up procedure is as follows.

  • Parents can come in when dropping off & picking up. This is because classes are normally smaller than camps. When you sign up if it doesn’t say “Camp or Fun Day” then you know it’s a normal class.

*If you need to check a child out early, please call first, 405-603-8550. We will bring them to your car when you arrive.


We hope to see all of our favorite faces, new and old again for our another great year of Art Camps & classes!


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