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How?to?Make?Watercolor ?Paint?with?Artsy Rose

Do Your kiddos go through a lot of markers and watercolor paint? Don’t throw away your washable markers anymore (Crayola tends to work better than Rose Art for this project)! Keep them and once you have a couple of each color you can make your own watercolor paints by placing them in a cup of water and let them set for anywhere from a few hours to a day!

This is the only type of watercolor paint I use anymore. It is super cost efficient and the colors are very vibrant when used with just a little bit of water (as shown in the video). When stored in an air tight container these paints will last a month or longer! Prepare for your kiddos minds to be blown! They will think this project is so cool! Enjoy the our video tutorial and please Subscribe to our YouTube Channel while you are there.

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1) Containers/Cups (with lids would be great, but foil or saran wrap will work to cover containers or cups)
2) Old Markers (example Crayola markers)
3) Water

Markers will need to sit in the water for a few hours or more…the longer the better!

Remember, there is NO such thing as the “Right” way to do art. Uniqueness is what makes you your own special artist.

Make sure to check back in for a Watercolor Painting Lesson to do with your watercolor paint you made.

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