How to Draw a Crab on the Beach with Artsy Rose

Let’s draw a fun crab step by step. We can put him in the sand with some sea shells or make up your own background! You could even color your crab colorful if you would like! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


You deserve time for you to relax and unwind! Escape our very unkind reality right now and use this as a teachable time with the ones you love to talk about how KINDNESS really does matter! Have fun.

Make a Customized/Personalized Troll with Artsy Rose

Trolls have been around since I was a kid! I had them in all sizes and types. Today, this video will teach you how to draw one step-by-step. Then you will be encouraged to add all your own details to personalize it!

How to Draw a Lion using Oil Pastels with Artsy Rose

This project really comes to life when you start cutting and curling the lion’s mane. He/she will just need a name. Then think of all the fun stories you could make up about you lion while making it.

“I Draw, You Draw” T-Rex Tutorial with Artsy Rose

Gotta keep those Dino lovers happy! This is a step-by-step Video teaching you how to draw a T-Rex and one technique for coloring it in.

Let’s Make an Easy Origami Bunny with Artsy Rose

Keep those pages turning after you make this fun Bunny Bookmark out of simple supplies you already have at home. Enjoy this simple step-by-step video tutorial on how to make it. 

How to Make a Crafty Cuddle Bunny with Artsy Rose

These little stuffed bunnies will make the best decorations and gifts for others. It’s hard to believe they are made out of socks, rice, google eyes, ribbon and rubber bands. They are quick and easy. 

Let’s Use Oil Pastels to Draw a Giraffe

I love Giraffes! They are may favorite animal. In this video we will do an “I Draw, You Draw” together to make the giraffe. You will be prompted to add all of your own special details. 

How to Make an Origami FROG Bookmark

Here is a fun project to keep you kiddos turning pages in the book just to be able to put this super cute bookmark on a new page corner. This is a fun and easy origami project you will be able to do with them!

How to Draw a Chameleon and Watercolor Paint with Artsy Rose

This is a great “I Draw, You Draw” Art project to do with your kids. It incorporates different art mediums and techniques into one very satisfying art project. Your kiddos will love love love their finished project. 

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Artsy Rose Hub for your Child’s Virtual Learning

Artsy Rose Hub for Learning

Artsy Rose would like to offer a safe environment to send your kids during the day while you are working. Each day students will log into virtual/home school accounts and tune into their lessons using whatever platform that their school is offering. Therefor, they will need to provide their own device and head phones everyday. We will set them up on our WIFI network. Registering at Artsy Rose will not only allow them time to work on their studies during the day, but they will also have social interaction face to face with other students. We will set a schedule and stick to routine each day, this will include centers, lunch, “recess”, and a live art, STEAM, core curriculum OR physical activity brain break. Each student must commit to a month at a time although weekly pay will be an option. Artsy Rewards Points can be used for the next weeks enrollment! As the new month approaches, current students will be offered the opportunity to re-new their spot first, otherwise their seat will be given to the first person on the waiting list. Spaces will be limited. Please plan to send a refillable water bottle, lunch and a snack or two for your child every day. Students will be required to wear a mask when in the studio per our requirements and the City of Oklahoma City. Outside time will be mask free time! Aftercare can be provided until 6pm for an additional $50/week if needed- email and let us know.

**Register for each week to reserve your child’s seat**

Class Title: Artsy Rose Hub for Virtual Learning

Teacher: Artsy Rose Staff

Time: 8:30am – 4pm (after care until 6pm is available)

Date: Monday-Friday Starting- August 24th-28th, Aug 31st– September 4th, September 8th-11th ($120 this week), September 14th-18th, September 21st-25th, September 28th-October 2nd, October 5th– Oct 9th, October 12th– Oct 15th ($120 this week), October 19th-23rd

Age: Ages 6-14

Price: $180/week   Register

Enroll in this event & earn 18000 points!


Venue Phone: 405-603-8550

Venue Website:

7739 W Hefner Rd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73162, United States

(405) 603-8550 | 7739 W. Hefner Rd. Oklahoma City, 73162
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