Daycare Art Enrichment Classes

Daycare Art Enrichment classes are not only SO much fun but educational as well. They make for a great “field trip” opportunity BROUGHT TO YOU at your location by a qualified State Certified Art Teacher.

Why Choose an Art Project for your Daycare activity?

Our lessons not only engage kids, but they meet Oklahoma State Art Standards and ignite their imaginations. Plus, students walk away feeling successful with their artwork. Artsy Rose coming to your location saves your business the hassle and expense of traveling off-site. We do all the set-up, teaching and clean up. This makes for a stress-free event.

Daycare Field Trip Art Activities Oklahoma Artsy Rose Academy

How Do We Book a Daycare Art Enrichment Class?

You can fill out the form below, call or email. Have some dates and times in mind. Please a lot 1 hour to create and an additional thirty minutes total for set up and clean up. Depending on the number of students we can divide the class by ages to create appropriate projects. Once the event is booked, we will collect a $100 deposit. This locks in your date and time on our calendar. This will be deducted from the total amount due after your event is complete.

Here are a few of our art activity examples you can choose from:

How Much Will It Be Per Child?

$14 Activities $17 Activities
Drawing and shading/blendingOil pastels


Watercolor painting

  Watercolor/oil pastel combo  Air Dry Clay/sculpting

  Acrylic painting on canvas

  S.T.E.A.M. Project

(When booking for more than 10 students there will be a $2/child discount)

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Daycare Art Enrichment Activies in Oklahoma Daycare Art Enrichment Activites

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Our questionnaire below is meant to help us answer your questions in the fastest way possible and meet your needs. It does not mean you have to book an event today. It just gets the process started. We can also be reached by phone or FB messenger at the bottom of this page.

Daycare Art Enrichment Activities

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