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Social Painting Classes Oklahoma City
Create your own 16 x 20 masterpiece to take with you at our Sips and Swirls Social Painting Classes. With guidance and instruction from Artsy Rose, plus encouragement from your friends and fellow artists. You will have so much fun and enjoy a great experience finding your inner artist while unleashing creativity.

Meet Artsy Rose at the EarthGlow Market November 2015

Anyone can do it! Every canvas is pre-drawn (sketched on the canvas) which makes it SO simple and you get to paint with the colors of your choice to make sure it matches that special room you plan to hang your painting in OR give your painting as a gift. Also, we provide everything you need including the canvas, paint, brushes, easel and apron. Choose which Sips and Swirls Social Painting Class you would like to attend and enroll for that class.

How to Sign Up

You will choose how many tickets you want (maybe you are signing up a friend along with yourself) and then add them to the cart where you will register and pay with credit card or PayPal. Once you have registered, you are guaranteed your spot at our Sips & Swirls social painting class. Please arrive 5 minutes early and be ready to start having Artsy Fun!

Don’t forget, you are more than welcome to bring your favorite bottle of wine, favorite soda or ice tea. Some people like to bring their favorite drink from a place like Sonic. We have glasses and ice on hand for you.

Here are the Sips & Swirls classes that are already on our calendar. If you don’t see the painting you want scheduled, you can “Create Your Own Social Painting Class” at the bottom of this page by selecting one of our canvas designs and have us schedule it on the calendar for you!

Create Your Own Social Painting Class

Create social painting class Oklahoma City, Edmond, Mustang, Yukon, BethanyDon’t see the painting class on the calendar that you are interested in? No problem, you can choose any painting below, or discuss a custom option with us and schedule your very own Sips & Swirls Social Painting Class. We will pre-draw (sketch out) the painting you choose or custom design you requested and everyone will be able to paint in the colors of their choice.

How it Works

If you have at least 5 people to sign up with you, then you choose the painting and date of class. Invite a group of friends or family to join you for an evening of step-by-step fun and festivities. This event will then be added to our events calendar & open for others to sign up for as well. If you are wanting a complete private party, check out our private parties page which requires a minimum of 10 painters.

So, to get started, choose the painting below then message us on Facebook, call 405-603-8550 or email us with the date and time you would like to schedule your Sips & Swirls Social Painting Class. The price will be $35.00 per painter and includes everything that our normal Sips and Swirls Social Painting classes include.

Sips & Swirls Social Painting Samples

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